the reasoning of consuming that makes me myself.

ok. the fall is FINALLY here. (thank you controller of weather machine for answering my letters.)

and in my book, it means boots boots boots… every year i go (its the part of my biological clock for consuming boots that sets off) and hunt down my ideal boots and every year i end up with a new pair (or more) of boots in my shoe-box-filled closet. and of course along the way, i end up finding other shoes that i desire and then it leads me to bags and then accessories and then dresses and so on and on. you get the idea.
in summary – CONSUME is me. and all this happens around the time of holiday seasons which DOES NOT help since i loose TOTAL control and cant tell the difference between desire and my bank account. (i do lots of mind consuming since in actuality i cant afford all my wants.) in the end i buy more than i can and then have to stop for awhile and then another season kicks in and i start all over again. and AMERICA – this is what we called C.O.N.S.U.M.I.N.G. (call me if you dont understand. hire me on and i will be your private consumer.)

back to shoes. these are some of the shoe-things i came across as i was searching for boots. take notes and remember this – i am size 8,call me, and send me the goods. thank you. xoxox/jollypop, ME.

chie mihara platform pumps

this reminds me of my farylrobin that are still living in my shoe box. oops. i should take them out for a ride.

this is very similar to the muimui flats

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