i need to throw my new products a party.


i cant be more happy with my recent unexpected purchases (consume consumer people!).
i found this jacket ON SALE and i almost screamed when i found this.
ive been thinking about all the different outfits i can wear with and show off. just look at her. she is like david byrne‘s big suit* (with awsum puffy sleeves) mixed with sailor moon‘s wardrobe. c’mon people you know you are jealous because i am jealous of me for having it. BUT of course i havent wore it at all since its been so damn hot out here! (i just refer to the jacket as she?? what? whatever.)

as for the necklace, i went into a kids store to look for cute little things and i saw it when i walked in but ignore it since i felt kind of silly for falling in love with a kids’ necklace. but when i was checking out there it was again…. i just had to pick it up and put it on and say – you are mine and we are going home together.


*lets dance david byrne style

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