its finally warm today… not too hot. nice and toasty.
perfect for picnic. this is what i want in my basket please.
lots of finger sandwiches, little mini tarts, cakes and scones. i guess i am asking for high tea* in a picnic basket.
and yes. please pack them up and come and pick me up.
and i will bring my old school rock box with lots of 80s and SOFT ROCK. yah.

*if you ever want high tea in the city (and why wouldnt you) you HAVE to go to The Rotunda at NM. its SOOOO good.AND if you are lucky, they have models all dressed up to show off their products. its an odd experience for both you and the model**. they walk around and they pause at each table to show off whatever products they have to. and you, while stuffing your face, have to kind of acknowledge them in some way. so, to be polite i usually smile and hide the fact that i have food in my mouth.

**and this is what i would like to wear when i go to high tea and if thats not possible, i would like to see this being model and she will be asked to sit down to high tea with me. thank you.

vogue girl korea 2007 via
fashion nation