“YOU” in braille is what the word bubble said.

I do a special post on this very day to someone close to our heart. It has been two years and I still think of her each day, sometimes through my husband, sometimes through my children and the other time is just because I think of her. She was a strong woman and an amazing mother and everyday I want/wish I can tell her that. Whether or not I am a believer in ghost,after-life or guardian angel, I believe she is always with my husband and my children because I see her in all of them.

Milo has a love for cats and so did she. (I know she would be so darn proud.) I truly believe it is her doing and it’s a nice thing to believe in because I want Milo to have a little part of her. I am waiting to see what part of her will Matilda have.

We miss you dearly and you are never forgotten, not even a day.


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