I have finally come out of blog hibernation. I don’t know what happened but things have been non stop since the holidays (which seems like forever ago) and unfortunately posting my blog was the last on my list of things to do. But I am trying to come back to the world of posting and I hope all my lovely readers out there are still checking back because I am trying to make a come back. We have been so busy lately, from the kids to doing lots of little side projects and taking little trip here and there. It has been a great year so far. We took the kids to Disneyland in mid January and it was awsum. We picked the low season because I do not want to deal with crowds especially for Milo and it turned out great. We also make our way up to Tahoe for snow playing with friends and that was pretty great too. We are trying to make more trips with the kiddies this year via our car and I cannot wait for more adventures. I will try to post more pictures of the kids soon. 
Spring is here or has been here and I know it more than ever as I see all the little bugs coming out and in case you didn’t know, I do not like bugs. 
P.S. My two superheroes have been well, everything has been pretty stable and I hope it will continue this way. I will update more. I promise because what mother doesn’t like to talk about their kids. 

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