Dress: Zara Kids.
Top: Milo’s Hanna Anderson onesie | Pants: Gap Kids.
Dress: H&M | Pants: Mother Care.
T-shirt: JCrew Kids | Dress: Hanna Anderson | Shoes: Salt Water

It’s long overdue but I am finally here to post about my trip. Matilda and I went away for 3 weeks and we had a really great time. I am so glad I did that and I wanted to stay longer because it was SO nice, but of course I was very anxious to get back home to see Milo and my hubby. Milo did great when I was away and he went and did all sorts of fun things with dada. Before I left for my trip, I hid many surprises (little goodies) around the house for him to find. I would hide a note or a card and inside each note/card, it will give him a clue to look for a goodie.

 Matilda did amazing on both flights. She slept for 4 hours out of the 15 hours on the way out and she slept for 6 hours on the way home. I am very lucky to have both my children to be great long flight travelers (let’s hope this will continue). I didn’t take much pictures of Matilda and I when we were out and about since she is always in the Ergo carrier and I am always carrying something (and of course I am constantly wiping my sweats away). But these pictures are from our trip as most of the trip consisted of us eating yummy food.

 I will be back for more posting and more news. I swear. I have much to share.

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