I have to admit that halloween is so much more fun when you have kids. This will be the first time for Milo to go trick or treating. His cousins are coming over and we shall attack our neighbors’ treats after pizza dinner and my homemade pumpkin cupcakes with my special made cupcake toppers! I hope most of the candies will be nut free (Milo is highly allergic to peanut).

Oh. I almost forgot. Milo decided to be Muno for Halloween this year. It took him about 15 other different costumes before coming to this decision. You don’t know who Muno is? Well, not many do for some reason. When people ask him who he is, this is how the conversation goes:

Person: “Who are you?”
Milo would quickly replied with his hands up in the air: “I am Muno, the one eye monster from Yo Gabba Gabba!”
Person: “Oh?!”
Milo always ends his descriptions by saying: ” It’s kind like dancing around in a movie theater.”
And with that, the Person who has no idea what Milo is dressed as gets even more confused and would just smile and slowly walks away.

Milo’s vision teacher at Early Start thinks his costume is too perfect for him because of the one eye. We love it and he is so proud!

Matilda was going to wear the pumpkin outfit that Milo had for his first halloween but then the day before her halloween parade at Early Start I realized that it was too small. I went and got her a bumble bee costume instead.

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