Things I learned on my recent trip.

we were away to the sticky humid hot east coast for 5 days and here are some things that i have learned about the world and about myself.

1) bugs/mosquitoes love my skin. i pretty much wore shorts the whole time i was there and everyday i would find new itchy red spots on my legs. (notice the plural on the word spot.) i did the whole OFF thing and it does not work on me. i truly believe that my blood is sweet and is even sweeter than my little boy’s since he wore shorts and he got no bites. and if i am one of those crazees, then i will believe that the bugs are out to get me. i just want to squish them.

2) Silly Bandz ARE indeed super popular among kids’ arm. i met a 9.5 year old and one of the first thing i learned from her was silly bandz and since that moment on, i see them in all kids’ arm. my question is – is this like the chia pet where its popular for a bit and then its gone but then its still around somehow?

3) i really like using a backpack. its true. i said it. i really DO like my traveling backpack. i got my lululemon backpack last year when i travel with my baby alone internationally and i must say everyone should get one especially if you have kids. my next plan is to get another backpack to use when i get to my destination and i already had it pick out a long time ago but never got around to getting one since i cant decide on the color. its the Fjällräven classic Kanken backpack.

4) i hate having dirty laundry in my luggage! HATE. i do. but then this time in our hotel, there was actually a little laundry room on our floor and i got to do my laundry and was able to avoid dirty laundry in my luggage. i was seriously very very VERY happy. SO, from now on, another thing i look for in a hotel is a laundry room access. (i dont like to send out my laundry to the hotel because i dont trust anyone with my clothes. i like to be the only one that handles my clothing. and besides, they charge way too much and they dont come back the same day.)

5) 3

6) i love my MUJI mesh garment bags. they keep everything together. i purchased at least 10 of them in various sizes when i was over in asia. i had one big one for my mansomehandboy, two for my little dude and two for myself in our suitcase. i love my MUJI travel gears. i wish they have a store close to me.

7) the trip turned out great for the reason of us going and i was very proud for what was said by my mansomehandboy during his speech and i know his mom would be very very proud of him. she was one fantastic woman.

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