i cant fight this feeling anymore.


i have to get this out.
its been inside me for too long.
i cant fight this feeling anymore.

with tlc’s jon and kate plus 8 going on for the past years AND the increasing popularity it has gained AND with the recent unfortunate developments, all we see on newstands are pictures of jon or kate (in bikini) on the covers. this has reminded me something that i had try to forget: how come no one has ever talked or solved kate’s upside-down-backward mullet-rooster-like-hair fang thing?????

what IS up with that. i ask of you.

from the way beginning when i first saw her on tv, her hair caught my attention and i kept watching the show thinking something and someone will give her a new hairdo. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED. not only that, her hair-fang-rooster-like-thing kept increasing its power. (i am convinced that she gets her power from those hair fang-like-thing and thats the secret ingredient to the show and its success.)

TLC, I KNOW YOU because i have watched you many many a-times (thank you for all the those mystery diagnosis, tree man, i didnt know i was pregnant shows) and i know you had jon and kate plus 8 teamed up with Emeril, American Choppers, Ace of Cake… how come you never got stacy and clinton from What Not To Wear with jon and kate??? are you afraid??? what will nick arrojo do with kate’s fang?? that would be THE ULTIMATE show because kate can yell at nick before nick chops off her hair and then jon can come in and say that he doesnt want to get a divorce anymore because kate finally got rid of her evil power engineered hair fang. and they all live happily ever after.

come on, think about it. do it for the kids. (YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.)


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