1. Artist Developing Bionic Replacement for Eye Lost in Accident. check this out and go to Tanya Marie Vlach‘s site for more details. i get excited when i see anything eye/prosthesis related and this one is pretty cool.

2. thanks for doing a post on my blog and spreading the love: Florence Rolando’s Pirouette | EQUAL DIST. | Solitary Arts

3.thank you for adding me on your blogroll guys: Thomas Marshall Does It All | Violet’s Journey | Congenital Glaucoma Network | La Princesse au petit pois

4.Bandolier bag by SSCY. my friend made this. GO GET ONE and spread the word. and yes, he is the one modeling the bag if you are wondering whos that sexy all leg man wearing that awsum rocking bag in his bike.

5. i started entering myself in contest i find via twitter via people i follow because i never have and i would like to win something something. fingers crossed people because here i come.

6. we have checked off some of our fun summer adventures off our list : Academy of Sciences, Day out with Thomas, Cars 2 and Winnie the Pooh. and this week we plan to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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