wait, why didnt i know about you earlier before the flowers bloomed?

SPRING is in the air.
smell of blooming flowers as i walk past them. (and the smell of our tree by our front door is lurking about.)
and of course all the bugs are out to get me and haunt me.
AND THEN, i see this pair of boots from jcrew. how come i didnt find out about you sooner when the weather was cold and i could show you around the city and make my feet happy and make others desire what i have on my feet. darn it people. this reminds me of the Clarks wallabee boots that i somehow kinda want. i know they are ugly and they remind me of the nuns and nurses in my elementary school, except they had white ones. but i dont know why. i am kinda attracted to them. and when the jcrew Quoddy suede chukka boots appear, they are the perfect marriage of Clarks and the bass shoes that i blog about. now, its like getting two pair of shoes but in one pair.
again, i am a size 8. thank you.

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